The Perfect Dress

A durable, versitile dress for people who want to feel & look great without a lot of fuss.

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  • Flattering & Forgiving

    This dress looks great on nearly every type of body.

    If your bust is a C cup or greater, size up. Your belt pulls the dress's waist in, so you'll always have a classic hourglass silhouette. Boom.

    Big bust? Looks great (size up, though).

    Small bust? Looks great.

    Large waist? Looks great.

    Slight figure? Looks great.

    Hips? No sweat!

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  • Compliment-Inspiring Print

    Cowgirls! Pinups! What's not to love?

    People stop me on the street, when I'm walking into Costco, when I'm having breakfast on my couch (ok, that's my husband Russ, but still... husband compliments count!), and pretty much no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

    It is AWESOME.

    I walk taller, my shoulders are back, and I feel really fricken' great. And I'm not alone. Lots of people who wear this dress report the same effects.

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  • Stretchy, Comfortable, Durable Fabric

    Cotton spandex blend is comfortable enough to sleep in (I've done it), and bounces back to ass-kicking bosslady in minutes.

    Made from a cowgirl pinup print, which is hella cute.

    It's mid-weight fabric for all seasons (sweaters coming soon).

    It hangs beautifully (in breeze, we recommend bloomers).

    Washable in the washing machine (line dry recommended, but not required - line dry the belt to preserve the flatness).

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