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Morning Frustration: Solved.

It used to take me many tries to get ready every morning. Whatever I put on, I worried if it didn't fit quite right, or if I had gained a little weight and it didn't hang correctly, or if my favorite outfit needed to be dry cleaned, but I never really had time to dry clean things (plus, it's expensive!).

In an effort to simplify my mornings, I started wearing the same type of skirt and same type of t-shirt every day... and it was a relief.

But a t-shirt and skirt wasn't as versatile or stylish as I needed. I had investor meetings and dinner plans. I wanted to go for a walk at lunch, and come back to finish the rest of my professional day.


Steve Jobs.
Mark Zuckerberg.
Jack Dorsey.

However you feel about their creations or them personally, it's impossible to deny that they're effective at what they do, and their creations have had significant impact.

They each wear uniforms: the same thing, every day.

Whether it's a black hoodie and jeans, or a signature black leather jacket, they have a consistent style and set of outfits.

Woman Problems.

But as a woman, I feel (rightly or not) that we are held to different standards of attire. And this means casual uniforms like turtle necks and jeans don't carry the same low-key power for women as they do for men.

I needed to come up with something that I could wear every day, in a multitude of situations and contexts, that would look presentable and fit well.

I wanted something that looked classically wholesome, while also conveying a sense of personality not generally found in standard business casual attire.

So... I needed a really durable, stylish uniform.

The Perfect Dress Was Born.

Over the past few years, I was experimenting with ways to make the classic 1950s silhouette work for me. It has the wholesome look I craved, but my waist was generally too big to achieve the hourglass. Anything that fit my chest was impossibly tight at the waist.

I found a dress that was close to what I wanted, and I wrote the manufacturer to see if they could make adjustments to my design... a couple inches here and a couple inches there.

And so was born the PERFECT DRESS.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"Hot stuff!
The dress makes me feel fantastic -- and it looks wonderful! Thank you" - Guryan T

It's flattering on nearly everyone.
It wears like iron.
It's effortlessly fashionable.

It's unique enough to consistently garner compliments.
It's sturdy enough to hold up to the activities of a real-life superhero.
It's comfortable enough to be worn by people who'd rather not wear a suit.

I think you'll love it.

Buy The Perfect Dress Now

Here are some photos of where the dress has been totally appropriate:

Meeting the Governor of Nevada? Sure!

Holding a chicken named Bob Ross with great happiness? Of course!

Standing fashionably in the desert? Why not?

Accepting my award for Entrepreneur of the Year from the American Business Awards? Absolutely.

Spending a little floor time with my doggie? Heck yes.

You'll notice I am not wearing The Perfect Dress in this clown museum. And I'm sure you can imagine HOW SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I HAD BEEN WEARING THE DRESS.

I rest my case, your honor.